• Fracture treatment is tailored to the location, geometry, age and associated tissue injuries. Closed fractures away from the joint can be treated without surgery using synthetic plasters and braces.
  • Fractures in children heal quicker but need to watch for late deformities due to growth plate injuries. Elderly patient on the other hand need quick surgical solution to allow early motion and prevent complications like chest infection and bed sores.
  • Fracture repair by surgery is done using pins, rods, plates or external rings based on the merit of the fracture. Surgical fixation allows early movement and prevents stiffness. Non healing fracture may need bone grafting and repeat surgery with stronger implant and sometimes may need the use of ultrasonic stimulates.
  • Synthetic bone and growth factors are used in difficult to heal fracture. Modern technology allows precise alignment and stronger bone friendly implants and this translates into better outcome if supplemented with good physical therapy.

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